Holiday Unit Insurance

In addition to holiday homes, SGUA also provides cover for a range of holiday accommodation including flats, apartments and units in resort style complexes where you don’t require building insurance.

In the event that you need to make a claim our Holiday Unit Insurance has either no excess or a low excess which means that any out of pocket expenses are kept to a minimum

Contact SGUA to find out more about how we can protect your holiday unit today.

Protects you against physical loss or damage due to a range of defined events Protects you against damage caused by Tenants and their invitees Protects you should your rental income be affected by:
  • Fire explosion or lightning
  • Earthquake, tsunami and volcanic erruption
  • Escape of liquid from bursting/overflowing of fixed apparatus
  • Accidental glass breakage
  • Malicious damage by third parties (not tenants)
  • Storm
  • Flood
  • Theft by third parties (not tenants)
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Burning out of household electrical machines
  • Impact
  • Accidental damage by third party (Value Plus policy only)
  • Legal liability
  • Deliberate Damage
  • Accidental damage (Value Plus policy only)
  • Tenant Damage
  • An insured peril which damages the contents causing the property to become uninhabitable
For full details of cover we recommend you read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.